Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall here and leaves have left

Fall is here and we have had beautiful temperatures in the 70's to 80's for the past couple of weeks.  After some heavy rain and wind a couple weeks ago, all of the leaves are now on the ground.  The Aspen still have most of their beautiful yellows and the oaks are pretty with their shades of rust and mahogany.

Our garden did pretty good considering it was the first year.  I was able to put up quite a few quarts of colorful tomatoes.

We found these pretty mushrooms growing on a dead downed tree, but have not been able to find out what kind they are.  They are huge - about a foot across.

If anyone knows what kind this is, please feel free to leave a comment.  In 1 weeks time, they have grown to about 20" across and gotten thicker.  So pretty in their form and shape.  BTW, no need to leave a comment about not eating these.  I know better than to pick and eat any fungus that I don't know what it is. :)

At any rate, I have also made some new cards and played with some new techniques.

This one is teabag folding for the frame around the image.  I created the tile for the medallion from the image in the center.  The background is called Acrylic Distress using acrylic paint, a cuttlebug folder, and sanding paper.  I cut it out using a Spellbinders die.

This one is made from a kit that I won in a contest years ago.  Embroidery on paper on the left side of the card and 3D work on the right.

This one is a bubble wrap background also done with acrylic paints.  Fun stuff to play with.  Also a teabag medallion and a Spellbinders die cut of course!

Sorry this is so blurry.  This is also bubble wrap background, but smaller bubbles that had some popped ones in it (don't you just love popping those?).  Another teabag medallion using a tile I created.  And Spellbinders Elegant Posts die cuts for the accent pieces.

I hope you are having a great fall where you are.  It is time to start thinking about Christmas cards again.  I did some shopping last weekend and picked up a few "must haves" to start making mine.  You know, things like paper, cardstock, glitter, embossing powder, a new Spellbinders Die, etc. 

I just love "Retail Therapy"!

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