Thursday, November 18, 2010

Punch and Spellbinder Storage

I thought I would share today the way I store my punches.  These are the Martha Stewart punches as well as some of the smaller shape punches.  I do not have a lot of these (yet) but here is what I have done.  Go to the dollar stores and find the cafe rods.  These can be purchased for under $3.00 generally.  Put them on your wall and rest you punches on them.  I have mine in order with the corner punch on one and the matching border punch below it.  This works great for me.

I also took my punches and made a guide for what they look like.  I cut strips of card stock at 1", 1.25", and 1.5" and punched both sides.  Then I attached them to another sheet of card stock.  I make my own "lace" for my cards this way.  I have the sheets hung next to my punches and store my ribbon underneath them.  If I want to see what a piece of ribbon would look like run down the middle, it is easy to hold it up to it and see.

I also took all my fancy cutting edge scissors out of the shoebox I kept them in and put cup hooks in the bottom of the shelf above the punches.  I hang the scissors from them.  I can easily grab the pair I want and find that I use them more now that they are out in the open.  Some day when I have nothing better to do(LOL - in an different lifetime), I will punch the different edges they cut the same way I did with the punches, but for now I have a guide that the Fiskars paper edgers had with them.

Also, here is how I store my Spellbinders.  The magnet sheet is what they use to make the magnetic signs for cars.  If you can find a sign shop in your area, you can probably buy a piece from them.  I stapled it to the back of my craft room door and put my Spellbinder dies on it.  I took a metallic marker and wrote what the die is next to it.  I am going to go back and put how many are in each set as well so I make sure I have them all rounded up when I put things away.  The smaller ones are so easy to get lost in stacks of paper when working on projects.
Don't tell my husband, but my dream is to cover the entire door - BOTH sides!  I have told Santa that I have been as good as can be expected, so maybe that will help...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Saving Thanksgiving

Over at Paper Issues, they are attempting to "save Thanksgiving".  I totally agree that Christmas is rushed right past Thanksgiving.  I have so many things to be thankful for - God, family, friends, my health, and the creativity I have been blessed with to make cards.

Speaking of cards, here is one I made for fall.  I used the pumpkin cut and emboss from Cuttlebug, and a Martha Stewart punch for the top edge.  I painted paper with H2O's before cutting the pumpkin.  The leaves are from Spellbinders Sunflowers 2, and the rubber stamp is Inkadinkadoo.

I also used some pressed leaves and A Tim Holtz stamp to make this card.

And here is a Thanksgiving card made using the Spellbinders scalloped circles.  I had an abundance of "googly" eyes left over from a past project, so was able to use them on this cute little turkey.

I hope everyone is enjoying your day - Happy Fall y'all!

Monday, November 15, 2010

What a week...or 2!

It has been a busy couple of weeks.  I am a bow hunter and was successful in taking a buck last week.  Oh goody!  Meat in the freezer. 

I have also been busy making my Thanksgiving cards.  I was not going to make them, but decided to do so anyway.  Now to get busy on my Christmas card list.

Deer gun season is coming up this next weekend and we have company coming for the weekend portions of the season, so I suppose I will have to clear my dining room table so that we can feed them.  I don't want gravy on the cards I am working on.  Then again - this could be a whole new concept.  Instead of "scratch and sniff" we could have "lick and taste".  YUCK!

Here are some of the cards I made last year in the meantime...