Thursday, May 30, 2013

Origami Dresses

I found a video online for folding origami dresses.  Once I started, I just could not stop!  I kept finding more little bits of paper that I thought would make a cute dress.  In the end, I had 30+ dresses!  I am working on getting them onto cards now.

On this one, the largest dress is 1 1/4" tall.  Using a rubber stamp, I created the clothesline poles.  Then I masked them and using my Distress Inks, I made the background.
This one I made by masking the circle before I shaded with my distress inks.
And this one was made adding a digital sentiment that I had.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my latest endeavors.  Be warned - these can be very addicting.  I just wish I could make ones that would fit me as easily.  They are so easy to make.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Patti,

    The 'line-dancing' is wonderful, great idea.
    Like the dresses you made and I love the one I received ;o)